Right now all three Big B Comics locations are absolutely full of amazing statues and busts of all your favorite comic figures and even some others that just might catch your eye. There are several series of statues that Big B is proud to carry, including the amazing Batman Black & White series which features Batman sculpted in the styles of all the most popular Batman artists.

We’ve also started getting the statues based on the DC New 52 and they are amazing! So far we’ve seen the new Batgirl and Wonder Woman in bust and statue form and they look amazing. It’s only $69.99 for the busts and the Wonder Woman statue is only $99.99! On the way we have the Gotham Girls themselves, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy!

Don’t forget about the good doctor! This week we got in some awesome new DoctorWho busts of everyone’s favorite Doctors, the 10th and the 4th! These bad boys start at $79.99 and make a great addition to any Whovian’s collection.

Big B is the best spot to find awesome comic statues and busts. With Christmas season approaching fast stop in now to get the best prices on the best statues for everyone on your list!