We love board games at the Hamilton Big B shop! The entire crew gets together once a month to sit down and play some of the awesome games we have for sale at the shop and boy do we have some good ones! Here’s a few more games worth checking out this holiday season.

Gloom – A spooky card game that has the players try their best to kill off their game characters in the worst ways possible. Not only is it fun and creepy, but you need to use your imagination to the fullest. $24.99

Munchkin – Another fun card game that is focused on the silly rather than the serious. With tons of expansions,
this game never gets old. $29.99 for the core game and each of the expansions.

Say Anything – Like games like Apples to Apples but think you can come up with funnier answers than the game provides? Check out this awesome party game and see how creative you really can be. $29.99

Small World – This game changes every time you play it and even comes with different boards for the number of players. Swap races, abilities, continents or whatever you choose and the game is never the same twice.$59.99

You can see the first list of games in this post here.