There is a very special line any entertainment property has to walk if it’s going to be appropriate for all ages but still appeal to a mass audience that includes kids, teens, and adults. One of the best new graphic novel series to hit the Big B shelves that manages to appeal to just about every audience is the new Adventure Time graphic novel.

Adapted from the hit cartoon that has been a runaway smash hit, the Adventure Time comic series has Finn and Jake setting out on all new adventures. All our favorite characters are there, and even the terrible Lich too. The best part? The comic helps fill in some of the holes left by the series, literally! We get to find out where that big hole in the Land of Ooo came from.

This is a definite must for under the tree for any cartoon fan on your Christmas list this year! Pick up your copy at Big B Comics for only $14.99!

And for those who have already picked up volume one, you can let out a sign of relief because the date for the release of volume two has been set. Mark Wednesday, February 27 on your calendars!