Superior_Spider-Man_1Out of all the Marvel Now relaunch titles, none has caused a fervour like the ending of Amazing Spider-Man with issue #700 and the launch of the all new Superior Spider-Man.

The end of Amazing Spider-Man sees Peter Parker in his toughest spot yet. He’s, well, dead! He’s dead, but not all together gone. Someone else has invaded Spidey’s mind and is determined to become a better, more superior Spider-Man.

Parker isn’t down for the count yet. While he may be sort of dead, he’s still there to guide the man who has stolen his body and his powers and make sure that this new Spidey will still practice the virtues of “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

The first issue stands up on its own quite well and despite not knowing a ton about this new Peter Parker, it was easy to follow the flow of the story and in parts the book is actually quite funny. Add in some great action sequences between Spider-Man and the new Sinister Six by artist Ryan Stegman and Superior Spider-Man #1 is a solid start to what looks like an interesting new look at everyone’s favorite wall crawler.

Pick up Superior Spider-Man #1 at Big B Comics for $3.99 and if you missed Amazing Spider-Man #700 don’t fret, we’ll have second printings in by the end of the month!