InvincibleDid you read through Walking dead way to fast? Need some more awesome character driven action? Are you a big fan of all things Kirkman? Then you should probably just stop reading this and go get yourself a copy ofInvincible volume 1, available at any of your favorite Big B locations for $12.99.  But for the rest of you that are still unconvinced read on!

On the surface Invincible just seems like your everyday super hero comic about a super teen named Mark. Unlike the other super stories, Invincible doesn’t just deal with our heroes amazing heroics! Like all things Kirkman, it goes into Mark’s life and family. You see Mark’s dad is none other than Omni Man, the universe’s protector… or at least Earth’s Protector. And with him as his guide he helps teach Mark the ways of being a super hero.

Luckily Kirkman isn’t complacent to just let his characters lead boring super lives.The same awesome twists and turns that take place in his awesome Walking Dead series work just as well here. Volume 17: What’s Happening has just hit shelves, you can find it at any Big B Comics location for $16.99. Check it out!