For the manga lovers out there, Kamisama Kiss is a must read if you’re looking for something that mixes romance, fantasy, school life, and a tiny bit of scares! The story follows Nanami Momozono as she is evicted from her home after her father runs off and leaves her out on the street, alone.

She isn’t alone for long! She takes shelter in the local abandoned shrine and discovers that she has become the new god of the shrine! Obligated to take care of the new god, the fox demon Tomoe must get use to the idea that his new master isn’t a super powered god, but an average teenage girl.

This story is great, the art is cute and the plot keeps you guessing while putting butterflies in your stomach. The budding love between Nanami and Tomoe hits all the right notes and each volume leaves you begging for more.

Volume twelve hit shelves on February fifth and each volume could be yours for only $9.99. A real steal if you ask me!