reportAt Big B Comics we believe strongly in the positive power of comic books and graphic literature to get kids of all ages reading. That’s why for the last couple of years we have run our popular Comics for As program at all of our stores. How’s it work? Simple!

From now until March 18th, bring in a report card from the term just ended and we will give you a free comic book for each A you got on your report card (maximum one per subject).  It’s that simple. No catches. No gimmicks. We honour As, A minuses, and percentile grades above 79. We’ll even come up with some freebies for the little ones who don’t get any real kind of grade.

We have a gigantic selection of comics to choose from and we screen all of  your choices to make sure they are appropriate. It really couldn’t be any simpler (or more awesome). Come on down to either Big B Comics store now with those reports in hand!