Want to meet a success story? Well here’s your chance! Michael Walsh (A good ol’ Hamilton boy) is the artist of the upcoming Comeback coming out from Image Comics on Wednesday, November 21st! And he will be at Big B Niagara to celebrate! If you can’t make it to Niagara Falls on the 21st, that’s okay, Michael will be at Big B Hamilton on Saturday November 24th and Big B Barrie Saturday December 1st! He will be at each store from 12pm to 4pm, so hurry in and be prepared to come get some awesome!

Besides signing your new #1’s of a soon to be hit limited series, Comeback creator and artist Michael Walsh will be giving all us industry hopefuls tips and tricks to breaking into the industry and doing sketches! How cool is that?

Now I hear you already saying “This is great and all, but what’s Comeback all about?” Well Comeback is all about a company called Reconnect. This company sends their agents hired by desperate clients back in time to save loved ones moments before tragedy strikes. Our hero Mark is one of those agents. He’s the hero! He saves lives! Or does he? That was enough to get my interest peaked! Come to your local Big B Comics to check it out!

Michael Walsh will be in shop from 12pm to 4pm on the following days:
Niagara Falls – Wednesday Nov. 21st
Hamilton – Saturday Nov. 24th
Barrie – Saturday Dec. 1st