Today we are taking a look at some great Portal merchandise featured in the July 2012 previews catalog. These are great items that you could miss out on because we may not carry them in store, if you want to make sure you get something you see here today, simply come into any of the Big B locations (before July 20) and we will happily order it for you!


So you’ve bested GLaDOS and Wheatley countless times, you’ve beat every test chamber in record speed and you’ve memorized every word to Still Alive. You’ve scratched your Portal itch, but you still want to go beyond the game and show your appreciation for Valve’s masterpiece. Well now, you can, with some great Portal swag from this month’s Previews!

Available for order at all Big B stores are a variety of wall signs based on the in-game set pieces from Portal 2 ($12.99 ea.), reminding all test subjects entering your house that they must sign in with the Aperture Science receptionist before proceeding to the lounge!

Not only can your house be decked out with sweet Portal goodness, but you can show off your love of the best puzzle-action game when you step out with an Aperture Laboratories knit scarf (complete with the company logo) for only $19.99 and awesome patches that you can sew onto your backpack or clothing ($7.99). When you arrive in style to school or work, you can eat your packed lunch of exploding lemons as everyone looks on in envy at your brand new Companion Cube lunch bag.



Just come in to any Big B Comics location and ask to see the awesome Portal goodies available in this month’s Previews magazine (pages 465-466) and place an order on the ones that catch you eye!


Please note that the availability and price are based on the distributor and are subject to change.