Today we are taking a look at some great Batman merchandise featured in the August 2012 previews catalog. These are great items that you could miss out on because we may not carry them in store. If you want to make sure you get something you see here today, simply come into any of the Big B locations (before August 20) and we will happily order it for you! Preordered items from the August Previews should arrive in October 2012.


Still reeling from The Dark Knight Rises? Maybe you saw Catwoman riding the Batpod and noticed all the beautiful contours and exquisite curves (of the Batpod, of course), and you want one to sit on your shelf! Well, you’re in luck because this month’s Previews is chock-full of Batman vehicles*!


The Batpod itself comes in three marvelous sizes: 1/18 Scale ($159.99), 1/43 Scale ($65.99) and 1/50 Scale ($9.99), all die-cast for durable yet gorgeous display pieces. Also available in the 1/50 Scale and for the same price are other assorted Bat-vehicles including retro Batmobiles!


            If you want a little more function out of your collectibles there’s several other options for you! For the fan of the classically camp 1960’s Batman TV show there’s the remote-controlled Batmobile! With a high attention to detail and a transmitter that suitably looks like one of Batman’s own gadgets this piece isn’t just pretty, it’s also fun!

 R/C 1960s batmobile

            Or maybe you already have some Batman vehicles, but nowhere to drive them? Why not turn your wall into a Gotham-based Hot Wheels track with the Hot Wheels Batman Track Set! Not only do you get the track itself, but it also comes with a sweet poster of Gotham to serve as the back-drop and a Hot Wheels car so you can zoom down Gotham’s streets right away.


All of these items are from this month’s Previews catalogue so you can drive your Batmobile over to any of the three Big B Comics locations and ask the staff to place an order for you!



*Catwoman not included

Please note that the availability and price are based on the distributor and are subject to change.