The release of DC’s New 52 collections continues steadily, with the recent Batgirl Vol 1: The Darkest Reflection. Everybody knows the Dark Knight, but what about his female counterpart? Batgirl is the secret identity of Barbara Gordon, daughter of the Commissioner who is so beloved. The New 52  continues the story line of The Killing Joke, the landmark story in which Joker shoots Barbara through her spine, paralyzing her. Miraculously, she has regained her mobility, and is slowly dipping her feet back into the world of crime fighting. Here, however, going out and beating up the bad guys is something that is represented often in the comic as a character weakness for Batgirl, bringing the book a sense of realism and lending the character a believable and much-appreciated depth.

This book gives us a pleasant surprise in that Barbara’s day to day life is just as fleshed out as her superhero one. Beyond her ordeals with crazed murderers and psychotic vixens, she also has to navigate the perilous world of finding a roommate and a house, dealing with family issues, and of course her romance life.

Check out Batgirl vol 1: The Darkest Reflection HC, in stock now at all Big B stores for 22.99.