The past couple of weeks have been a boon for fans of toys and collectibles! Many new items of all price ranges have been delivered to your local Big B Comics so why not come in and take a gander?


Magnificent Marvel vs Capcom Minimates!

If you’re a fan of Marvel, Capcom or Minimates (or all three!) then this one’s for you! Brand new two-packs include She-Hulk vs Chun-Li, Dr. Doom vs Wesker, X-23 vs Felicia and Captain America vs Ryu! With all of them priced at $9.99 it won’t break the bank if you want to reenact some of your favourite battles from the game on your shelf!

 Marvel vs Capcom minimates


Pleasing Play Arts!

With the new movie being out recently the jaw-dropping Batman: Arkham Asylum game is slowly being forgotten, but not by the guys at Play Arts! Wave two of the Arkham Asylum figures have just been shipped and yours for the taking are a new armoured Batman and a Harley Quinn figure. Boasting the usual Play Arts quality, these figures will look fantastic in any collection. Also in stock are the figures from wave one, Batman and The Joker! For $69.99 each these collectable figures could be yours!

 Batman Play Arts


Spectacular Spiderman Figures!

Dark Knight Rises can’t get all of the attention, The Amazing Spider-Man also gripped theater audiences all across the country! So for fans of the film there’s now a set of six different 3 ¾ scale Spidey figures! All boasting different gadgets, there’s a night-mission Spider-Man with grappling hook and suction cup attachments for his web launcher, a lizard trap Spider-Man with a huge gripping claw, a web cannon Spider-Man with launchable web missiles, a missile attack Spider-Man with a glider that can shoot webbing, a ultra-poseable Spider-Man with over 20 points of articulation, and an invisi-skin Lizard with a miniature version of a water cannon! All are $14.99 and in stock right now.

 Spider-man action figures



Get your fill of both “cute” and “awesome” with the new Dark Knight Rises PopVinys! Featuring both Batman himself and his dangerous foe Bane, these $12.99 display pieces are sure to be enjoyed by any bat-fan!




Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and the rest of the crew have found a new home in Big B! With a mini bobblehead set of all the main characters ($29.99), Sheldon PopVinyl ($12.99), Sheldon computer-sitter ($9.99) as well as all our previous merchandise including bobbleheads and a huge variety of t-shirts Big B Comics has now become a paradise for all fans of the Big Bang Theory!

Big Bang Theory Swag 


Happenin Housewares!

Finally for the intrepid entertainer we have a couple items sure to add flair to your kitchen. First up is the Mjlornir bottle opener from Thor for $17.99 to impress your guests with before you pour their tasty beverage into a colourful cup featuring an assortment of Marvel heroes from Wolverine to Spidey for $11.99.

 Mjlonir bottle opener and marvel cup


With all of these options there’s sure to be something new to please anybody at Big B Comics so come on in and take a look!