Blacksad: A Silent Hell, written by Juan Diaz Canales and illustrated by Juanjo Guarnido, is a follow-up to 2010’s Blacksad, a crime-noir book that stars anthropomorphic animals as opposed to humans, and is every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor as either a sequel or a stand-alone book.

            What stands out most about this book is the magnificent art. Juanjo Guarnido has a style that lends the book a very cinematic feel, helping to relay the clever and engrossing storyline that involves a murder-mystery set inNew Orleansand heavily laden in conspiracy and misdirection. As Blacksad interrogates suspects, narrowly avoids competing detectives and tracks down clue after clue, you’ll find yourself trying to guess who the perpetrator is and why they’re doing it. It’s always a fun race against the book to try and figure it out before the characters do, and this is no less true for this twisting and turning “whodunit” story.

Blacksad pannel

            Once you’re done with the story you’ll be hungry for more Blacksad, and the author is kind enough to oblige! Included in this book is a huge “making of” section that outlines the art and writing process, delving deep into the thoughts of the creators. Also stashed away at the back of the book are two short stories that are focused more on characterizing and defining who Blacksad is as opposed to big mystery plots. The level of care and content that went into this book as well as the book itself being a great looking display piece make this a must-buy novel.

Not just for fans of crime books, the fantastic drama and characterization of the key players in the caper in tandem with the very polished and visually attractive art make this a capturing book for lovers of any genre to try.

Blacksad: A Silent Hell is now available in hardcover at Big B Comics for $19.99.