Today we are taking a look at some great merchandise featured in the September 2012 previews catalog. These are great items that you could miss out on because we may not carry them in store. If you want to make sure you get something you see here today, simply come into any of the Big B locations (before September 20) and we will happily order it for you! Preordered items from the September Previews should arrive in Novemebr 2012.


Hey, guys and gals!

It might feel like it’s far away, but the gift-giving season slowly encroaches upon us and the brand-new issue of Previews has some choice presents that will ship just in time for the cold, dark days of winter! Of course if you want to order one of these items for yourself, we won’t judge.

DC Cover Girls Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy

Kicking it off with a pair of high-end statues, we’ve got the DC Comics Cover Girls versions of Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy. Based on their appearance in the New 52 series, these feminine figurines are 8.5” and 10.125” tall respectively and cost $99.95. If you order them today, they will ship by December, just in time to give to that big Batman fanatic you know! For those with less to spend, but still with that Bat-fan on their list, there’s the complete screenplays and storyboards of the Dark Knight Trilogy, also perfect for your favourite film fanatic! Clocking in at nearly 600 pages for the low price of $34.95, this tome is full of content sure to please.

If some of your friends or family are into comics, but strictly of the non-superhero variety, there’s a gorgeous complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes being released in a nice display-worthy slipcase. $100 nets you a grand total of 1,456 pages of hilarious, thought-provoking and surprisingly deep comic strip goodness.

Misss-ter Free-man...Working our way further down the “to buy for” list, there’s bound to be that one person who’s a gaming geek, and you can bet that they’ll go crazy over any of the Valve gifts! There’s two action figures available, each priced at $19.99. The first is the bane of any Left 4 Dead player, the Smoker zombie. With a posable tongue and over 20 points of articulation, this little guy would find a nice home on any shelf or desk… but he might be upstaged by the mute star of the Half-Life series, Gordon Freeman! Equipped with the iconic crowbar and always fun gravity gun, everybody’s favourite theoretical physicist can fend off the included headcrab right next to all your other prized figures! Or hey, maybe he could engage in some cross-series violence and fight the smoker! Of course Valve wouldn’t release a bunch of toys without appeasing the Team Fortress 2 crowd as well! Players of the pyro and scout classes will be overjoyed to see these two characters turned into adorable and soft plushies for only $24.99.


Buying gifts isn’t the only notable thing about December, though. As the air gets crisper, the breeze a bit chillier and the days a bit shorter, you need to bundle up in order to keep warm! Why not show off your love for classic cartoons while you’re at it? Preview has a series of amazing knit hats for $18.99 featuring the likenesses of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Skeletor and Voltron! Come on, you 80s kids, you know you wanna keep warm in style this winter, and Previews allows you to do just that!

Stop in at whichever Big B Comics is closest to you and peruse the latest issue of the Previews catalogue for those awesome gift ideas that’ll make their eyes light up, or just for your own collection’s growth.

Brace yourselves, Winter’s coming.


Please note that the availability and price are based on the distributor and are subject to change.