Scarlet_SpiderDo you like Spider-Man but hate all that tacky morality stuff that comes along with him? Well, you’re in luck, because with the Scarlet Spider you get all of the power, none of the responsibility! When Peter Parker’s imperfect clone Kaine tries to flee to a life of relaxation in Mexico, he gets caught up in some super-villain antics on his stopover in Houston. Deciding to adopt the city as his own (because let’s face it, New York has way too many heroes), Kaine becomes the Scarlet Spider and uses all of the powers that Spider-Man has but with more reckless abandon and less sappy personal issues. Suck it up, Parker!

If you want to read a Spider-Man book that’s edgier than your standard Amazing Spider-Man or Superior Spider-Man and if you’re okay with a story that is composed mostly of characters you don’t know, this is the refreshing super-hero tale you’re looking for. Scarlet Spider Vol 1: Life After Death was just released in trade paperback and is available at every Big B Comics for $16.99.