New To Me is a new review column from Big B Hamilton Staffer Nicole. The series might not be brand new anymore, but they are new discoveries for her, and maybe for you too!

Carbon Grey: Sisters at War is an absolutely gorgeous trade about the Sisters Grey set in a “diesel punk” world. It first caught my attention with the
cover of Carbon Grey Origins #2, which came out last week. The artwork is just breath-taking and I needed to know more. Each panel is hand painted by Hoang Nguyen.

 Carbon Grey follows the latest generation of Gottfaust decedents (Eva, Anna, Mathilde and Giselle). Every generation there are three daughters whose lives are dedicated to protecting the Kaiser, but this time a forth is born. A forth meant for revolution and rebirth, the Carbon Grey. When the Kaiser is killed Giselle must flee into enemy territory while being chased by her sisters to find the true meaning of the Gottfaust legend and prophecy.

This is not a book to picked up and mindlessly read. With multiple story lines and unknown loyalties you want to make sure you don’t miss a panel. Personally I have re-read it three times already. Giselle is mesmerizing, a determined killing machine who acts without hesitation. I cannot wait to see how this war will end.

Nicole is new to comics and interested in any recommendations. If you have a title you think she should check out feel free to email her at All suggestions are valid, as long as there is a *spoiler free* reason as to why she should check it out.