This week’s book was suggested by Big B regular Chris Howard (and seconded by Laura).

Friends with Boys is by Canadian Faith Erin Hicks and published by First Second. It is a great story about a girl, Maggie, starting high school after being homeschooled her whole life, being abandoned by her mother and learning how to make friends. That in itself would be an interesting story, but Hicks ups the ante, Maggie is being haunted by a ghost.

You can just feel that this was a labor of love by Hicks, and the fact that she wrote and drew it by herself reinforces that. Friends with Boys is a touching story about the love between a girl and her three older brothers. I love the dynamics between the four of them, especially the side story between the twin brothers and their struggle for separate identities.

I found myself being able to relate to Maggie for many reasons (although not the issue with the ghost). I would love to see another book done with these characters, and I would definitely recommend this as a book to pick up.