This week we have eight new t-shirt styles across the Big B empire, scroll on down to take a look…

Among the new t-shirts are these four “premium” t-shirts. First up is the gothic style Punisher shirt. It has a large punisher symbol on the front, with “Punisher” in a gothic font above, and eight smaller punisher symbols on the back. The Superman, Batman and Spider-man shirts feature the artwork from the 1st issue of their comic.  Inside on the back of the shirt is a summary of the events of that first issue. This is a must for any true fan, show your respect to the issue that started it all! These four shirts can be found at Big B Hamilton and are currently in stock only in extra large and extra-extra large.

Big B Niagara is proud to show off their newest t-shirt addition, a Dr. Who shirt! The classic “Keep Calm” poster gets a Doctor Who spin with one of the eleventh Doctor’s catchphrases on this light blue t-shirt! This shirt ranges in size from men’s small to extra large.

Anyone who is anyone has seen the Avengers movie by now and knows that the Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo) was fantastic! And as the commanding Captain America said “Hulk Smash” and that is just the shirt that we got in! As you can see on the Incredible Laura, this t-shirt features the Captain’s order as well as the Hulks menacing forearms. This shirt ranges in size from men’s small to extra-extra large. This shirt will be coming to Big B Barrie within the next week, but can be found in Hamilton right now.

Big B Barrie shows it love for the force with a new Star Wars shirt. Done in a classic western style this stunning “high noon” red t-shirt features the silhouettes of Darth and Luke. This shirt ranges in size from men’s small to extra-extra large.

Our last Brony t-shirt sold so well (we sold out in under a month) we decided we should get some more, and at long last they have arrived! As modeled by the lovely Laura and Vikie, we have a pile of gorgeous blue “Unite the Heard” My Little Pony t-shirts. Ranging in size from men’s small to extra large.