You can see all of their thoughts in their individual posts: Jenn, Marko and Vikie


What was your single favorite part of FanExpo?
Marko: All the cool costumes
Jenn: Spending time with friends and meeting lots of new people while cosplaying Saturday

What was your least favorite part of FanExpo?
Marko: Impassable crowds at some points
Jenn: Although I had a vendor pass, I chose to wait with my friends in line and that was very unorganized.  They had a line to get into a line, and then after that they separated people into lines based on their tickets which ended up getting people who pre-purchased their ticket into the con before people with priority and VIP passes, which I’m sure made some people very angry.

Given the opportunity, would you go again?
Marko: Under the right circumstances, as a fan instead of a vendor, yes
Jenn: Yes

If so, what would you do differently?
Marko: One day only, more Artist’s Alley, less browsing vendors
Jenn: Bring lots of water and snacks. There’s nothing worse than walking around in the heat all day hungry, only to find that every restaurant in a 3 block radius has a one hour wait time due to Fan Expo, Import Fest, a Jay’s Game and a Springsteen Concert all being on the same day.

What advice would you give someone going to their first FanExpo?
Marko: Coffee, coffee, coffee
Jenn: Pre-purchase your ticket and bring a lot of snacks if you can so you don’t have to leave the convention for food. I wouldn’t risk leaving the building once you’re in unless it’s an emergency, because there’s a very good chance you won’t be able to get back in. Other than that, plan an itinerary and if you think a panel is going to be popular get in line early.


So that is it for another year, I don’t know about you but I (Nicole) cannot wait for 2013! Let us know in the comments if you planning on going and why (or why not).