Now that September is here we start looking ahead to the fall and to Halloween. For those of you who have not heard Big B is going to start carrying costumes! This is a very exciting time for us and we would love to hear what types of costumes you think we should carry. We have a wonderful distributor that has provided us with a catalog with approximately 880 PAGES of costumes. Now obviously we cannot carry that many in any of our stores, and even the list is to long to publish. So I have shortened it to a list of 50 categories and found some pictures as examples.

If you are curious about a category that I didn’t include pictures of, simply leave a comment letting me know what category or costume you would like to see and I will get back to you with a picture as soon as I can. I couldn’t show every costume category, let alone every costume, so for instance even though there is only one Lady Gaga picture shown below, there are other Lady Gaga costumes to choose from. The pictures are only meant to be used as an example.

So please flip through the pictures and then vote in the poll below for the costume category that you would wear.


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