Marvel Now! is in full swing with many of their #1 issues already released. The big question has been, are these #1 issues a good jumping on point for Marvel? Last year DC’s New 52 allowed a lot of new readers to pick up their books and many of us want to know if the same can now be said about Marvel.

I myself am different from most of the Big B staff because up until this week I had never picked up a Marvel book. I know, I am disappointed in myself too. It’s not that I had anything against Marvel. My husband is the one that introduced me to comics and his subscription is made up almost entirely of DC books and since I have been welcomed into the Big B family I have started my education in the non-superhero genres. So when I heard about Marvel Now! I hoped that it would allow me dive into the Marvel universe without too much confusion. So this week I picked up all of the #1 issues released so far, with most of what I “know” about the Marvel universe going in coming from the movies. In other words, if I could follow along, so can you.

PLEASE NOTE: I am trying not to include any spoilers but I also want to properly state any concerns, questions or praise that I may have about the comic, so going ahead be aware that I may spoil little pieces of information. But remember it is only issue #1, the story and characters are just being set up, the good stuff is still to come.

Uncanny Avengers
Right from the start they are talking about the events of Avengers vs X-Men so I am a little confused. I don’t know what character is talking or who we are looking at. Personally I prefer knowing these things right away (sometimes you are left in the dark for a couple of panels). So while I start off with a sour taste in my mouth you might be okay. Going forward, some of the scenes are better, making it clear who is talking, the context and such, but not all of them. Towards the end two characters are again talking about the events of AvX, before being attacked by a group of people that I have no idea who they are. Maybe I’m not supposed to, maybe I will find out in the next issue. Like I said, I am not personally a fan of the “find out next time”.

I didn’t know ANYTHING about Deadpool going in besides the fact that his covers are usually pretty funny. I honestly didn’t have much interest in picking up his comic, but I had promised to read all of the #1 issues. I was pleasantly surprised. I was able to understand everything that was going on. They only take one speech bubble to explain who Deadpool is, but it was all that was needed. The story line was easy to follow, and I found it interesting. Perfect for a first time reader.

Iron Man
Iron Man is one of the Marvel titles that I wanted to check out the most, but knowing that he has a complicated history it also intimidated me a lot. Thankfully this issue was really easy to follow. Characters are clearly introduced and any past events that are mentioned are explained really well. Again, this is perfect for a first time reader.

A Plus X
Again this issue was easy to understand. The few characters that you see are easily recognizable. It sets up an interesting story line that has peaked my interest. Honestly, not much happens in the issue; it is more the set up, and I found it amusing. A first time reader shouldn’t have any problems with this title.

All New X-Men
Right away I was confused with this issue. I had tried to read the titles in the order they were released (I didn’t know if it would make a difference but didn’t want to take the chance). Uncanny Avengers showed Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) in a high security prison, but All New X-Men has him flying around the planet to find new mutants. Note: I have since learned that AvsX Consequences shows him breaking out of prison, this information makes me less confused and able to enjoy the comic more. They are definitely assuming you know who some of the characters are (some of them I do, thank you movies) but there are a couple I don’t know. And some of what they talk about I don’t understand. Over all, I am curious about the story line and think I can get over my little questions to pick up the next issue.

Fantastic Four
Again, all I know about Fantastic Four is what I have seen in the movies, so this issue left me with some questions. First and foremost, who the heck are are these children? Aliens? Mutants? I really wish they had explained. Other than that, I was able to follow what was going on, and the premise is interesting. I am just going to have to Google some of the characters before the next issue.

Thor God of Thunder
This issue was easy to pick up, it really doesn’t feature anyone other than Thor. Everything is really well explained and I am very curious where they are going with the story line. This is only a 5 issue series so I would definitely recommend it to a first time reader.

X-Men Legacy
This issue left me with a lot of questions. I don’t feel like I really understood what was going on, however I also may be reading into things too much. I think the prison is in his head, but maybe not? Who are these gurus/neuronauts, or maybe it doesn’t matter? Over all this is probably the tittle I enjoyed the least.

Indestructible Hulk
This issue was easy to pick up. The setting and all of the characters are introduced and the mention of Avengers vs X-Men makes sense. Most of my confusion was with the action scenes. I am assuming the problem lies with me (mostly because of the “you are weird” look my husband gave me when I tried to explain it to him) but I wasn’t really sure what was happening during the fight scene. The bad guy was shooting the Hulk, something happened, the building fell down and the bad guy loses. I guess I don’t really need to know more. Over all, this title is good for a first time reader.

Captain America
Oddly enough, I am confused about whether I am confused with this issue. It opens up great, sad flashback to the Captain’s childhood. Going into present day and the situation is explained pretty well. I’m a little confused who the girlfriend is (introduced as Sharon, but who is she while in costume?) but I can get past that. Then we get to the main conflict, I have no idea who this bad guy is which might be okay but Captain America clearly states that he knows that voice, meaning they have a history. Now I am curious, who is this guy and what has he done in the past? Finally the last panels are what confused me the most. At first I thought he was flying back through the portal, but after it looks like he is still in the other dimension. This issue left me with a few more questions than I would have liked, but at the same time I enjoyed it and am curious where the story line is going. In the end, this title should be good for a first time reader.


Overall, I am still optimistic about Marvel Now!. I was pleasantly surprised by some, and felt a little let down with others. I will definitely be giving all of the #2 issues a chance as well, and will continue to check out the rest of the #1 issues that come out over the coming months (watch for the updates).

Most of all I hope that I was some help to any one that has been thinking about jumping into the Marvel universe. I would love to hear your thoughts, questions or concerns in the comments below.

Till next time,