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Design The Next Big B T-Shirt!

T-ShirtsOver the last year we’ve received so much positive feedback over our latest Big B t-shirts and hoodies that we’ve decided it is time to make them available to the public.

But before we use the same design of last year we wanted to see if anyone in the Big B family has an idea for a better design.

If you have a great idea for a Big B t-shirt here is your chance to submit it!

We’re accepting submissions until Friday, June 12th, the submission must include:

  • the design must include Wal-Tor the Robot
  • the design must incorporate our three locations (Hamilton, Barrie and Niagara Falls)
  • a .png image of the finished design (not a work in process, an image that is ready to be printed)
  • the image must be at least 1700 x 1700 pixels
  • includes no trademarked characters you do not own the rights too
  • your full name

If your submission is chosen we will announce it on the website and give you a free t-shirt.

To submit your ideas email us at [email protected]

Nicole (235 Posts)

Nicole is the Big B Webmaster and Manager of Big B Hamilton and is still pretty new to comics, picking up her first one only in 2006. She loves trying new graphic novels, especially of the fantasy/sci-fi/horor variety. Some of her favorite comics are: Locke & Key, Saga, Supergirl (2005 to present)

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