Before I even begin this review let me remind everyone

I love reading horror comics but no one has drifted further away from the Comic Code then Avatar’s Crossed series. Wish you were here, originally a free online web comic, is a great story arc that has now been compiled into a very disturbing trade paperback. The story follows a band of survivors on a Scottish island that are trying to live in the post-apocalyptic world of the Crossed. Unlike zombies, the Crossed can think, plan, talk, use weapons and don’t just eat your brain, but live out their darkest thoughts and most demented desires. You need go no further than the first page to get the idea as you find a “Crossed” having relations with the blow-hole of a live dolphin while stabbing it repeatedly with a knife.  Still with me? Good.

As always with these types of stories it’s not just about the monsters waiting to kill you, but about how we interact with our fellow man/woman during these dangerous times. How do we protect each other, get supplies, find love, and who is that crazy Scotsman with a fondness towards sheep? A powerful story with a powerful enemy. If you like extreme horror and gore this book is for you, if not there is a new My Little Pony comic (coming out in November) that I heard is good.

Pick up all the adventures of the Crossed at all Big B locations:

Crossed TP vol 01, $24.99
Crossed TP vol 02: Family Values, $19.99
Crossed TP vol 03: Psychopath, $19.99
Crossed TP vol 04: Badlands, $19.99
Crossed Wish You Were Here TP vol 01, $19.99