I’ve always loved comic books that focus on a villain instead of a goody two shoes in tights and a cape and Bomb Queen is one hell of an evil villain. The Queen is the dictator of New Port City, a placed filled with all the criminals in the USA, now that the states have given up on traditional jails. In New Port you are allowed to commit all the crimes you like but you cannot ever leave. No super heroes are allowed inside of New Port either. There’s just one rule: do as the queen demands or “boom” you’re dead. This isn’t a very serious story and makes lots of sex, fart, and death jokes, but it is a well written one. I have greatly enjoyed the different story arcs to date.  Whether going to hell, getting artificially inseminated with Barack Obama sperm, or fighting with the Queen of England, there is a lot of fun to be had. There has been a Hack/Slash crossover and a couple of other regular Image heroes make appearances like Shadow Hawk and a brief moment with Youngblood. With Bomb Queen’s revealing outfits, her reference to men as “giggle sticks” and her talking cat sidekick there’s a little something for everyone. This overly sexual, silly, violent book is a “win” to me and with eight trades out already it should keep you in sick laughs for awhile.