Are you missing Doctor Who? Can’t wait for the Christmas Special? Then hop in your Tardis and head down to Big B today to get your time lord fix.

11_Doctor_Who_SetWe offer a great selection of classic Doctors and new series toys including  (my favorite) the 11 Doctor Box Set. It’s an instant collection and comes in a Tardis box that displays beautifully. Not into toys? We also have mugs, lunch boxes, plushes, Tardis ice boxes and ceramic money banks. Need something sonic? We have the 4th Doctor’s screwdrive, River Songs future screwdriver, the 11th Doctor’s mini light up screwdriver as well as his full size one, and as of this week the “Personalize Your Sonic Screwdriver”.


On top of all that we have the “mego” like 8″ figures put out by Big, Bang, Pow including the comic-con exclusives.  Of course you will also find a nice selection of Docotor comic books and trades on our shelves.

Come on in and get something for the time lord on your list at Big B today.