Alpha_FlightToday I’m a good Canadian!! I just finished reading issues #1-28 of Alpha Flight, Canada’s very own super group. Created by fellow Canadian John Byrne in 1983, Alpha Flight was supposed to be our version of the X-men (which is where they made their first appearance in issue #120). Mr. Byrne did us proud with an intriguing story, beautiful art and was the lead on this comic for just over two years. He brought to life the likes of Guardian, Sasquatch, Puck, Shaman, twins Aurora and Northstar (the later would become Marvels first openly gay super hero), Snowbird and a score of other truly Canadian heroes. Reading the odd book during my childhood I thought the concept fell a bit short, but now in my thirties and reading it sequentially I love it! I found most of this run in the Big B barging basement for only $1.99! It has of course since been compiled into trades which are also available from $24.99. Every good Canadian should read these comics eh, so put down the double double and do it buddy.