The_Infinity_GauntletEvery now and then Marvel puts out a series that just blows my mind to little pieces. The first series to do this to me was The Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin, one of my favorite writers when it comes to cosmic events. In this six part series Thanos has gathered the six infinity gems and put them into a gauntlet that gives him power over every aspect of everything. Everyone gets involved  from the super-heroes of earth to the  spacey characters like Silver Surfer and all the cosmic beings (my favorite!) like Eternity, Infinity, the Living Tribunal, any surviving Elders of the universe, Love and Hate, Master Order and Master Chaos, and the list goes on and on and on.

This was my first experience with Marvel’s cosmic side and it opened up my eyes to how big the Marvel universe actually is. The follow up for this is The Infinity War which is also full of mind blowing goodness. The last part of the series is The Infinity Crusade which wasn’t quite as good as its predecessors, but completes the saga nicely.  I found these much better than the two Secret Wars Marvel did back in the eighties.

The latest epic book I’ve read is Marvel’s The End. Once again everybody gets involved, Thanos tries pulling a fast one, Dr. Doom schemes away, and there is this guy from Egypt who has returned after an eon in the stars and says the earth is his and everyone is his slave. Good stuff here. All of these are available at your local Big B.  These are all must reads for Marvel die hards like me, especially with a cosmic-themed Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming soon!  Now go get your mind blown by these epic stories!