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ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: February 8th through February 13th


Another week in the books for shows. A whopper of an episode for last week’s Walking Dead with another cast member being killed off. Also Constantine’s season finale was this week and it left a lot of questions with the final couple of lines of dialogue and I really want to see how it plays out but with a second season still up in the air we may never know. Read More →

ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: January 24th through January 30th


Sunday, January 25th Lost Girl (Episode 8: End of Faes) Bo and crew get invitations to a party apparently from the Ancients.  Bo finds out from Zeus that Hades is using Bo to bring on the apocalypse and rise from Hell.  Trick and Bo have a prophetic vision confirming Zeus’ suspicion.  Mark and Iris cut loose from the party to ‘talk’.  Tamsin and Lauren find out Iris is apparently more … Read More →

ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: January 10th through January 16th


Still continuing on the upswing with returning shows. Friday just got busy with the return of Grimm and Constantine and the premieres of Helix’s second season and the premiere of 12 Monkeys (Yes that 12 Monkeys!). Next week marks the return of the CW shows I have been following and further news on the CW front that all (Yes all!) of their current TV lineup has been renewed for one more season. Read More →