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The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at two brand new series from Marvel and Valiant. On the Marvel side we have the launch of the all-new International Iron Man book. From Valiant, we get the return of everyone’s favourite duo of Archer and Armstrong in A&A.   International Iron Man #1 Tony Stark finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he takes … Read More →

Make Mine Miles Morales: The NEW Spider-Man


Announced in the late evening on Saturday June 20th 2015 was something that many comic fans had already anticipated to hear from Marvel Comics.  In their forthcoming Fall “relaunch” Miles Morales, the current Ultimate Spider-Man of African American and Hispanic descent, would be getting his own series.  In this announcement though, there was something that caught a few people off guard, with Marvel declaring that Miles Morales’ series will simply … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we’ve got a whole bunch of different number one issues to look at! Fight Club 2 makes its jump over to the comic book world, something wicked starts to brew in Sons Of The Devil, and Old Man Logan returns for one last trip through the dystopian future-scape! Read More →

Secret Wars Reading Guide


With summertime fast approaching that can only mean one thing, Marvel’s latest and greatest blockbuster comic event! This year promises to bring forth the BIGGEST event in Marvel history: Secret Wars. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Marvel already do Secret Wars year ago?”. Yes, they did but this one is different and today I’ll whip together a little guide that will hopefully help you get caught up so you can navigate Secret Wars this May! Read More →

Avengers Assemble … For a Fun One-Off Story


A couple years ago, Brian Michael Bendis wrote just such a comic. Avengers Assemble (not to be confused with cartoon of the same name) is a blatant and unapologetic effort to draw fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the comics, but that works to its credit. Avengers Assemble is a perfect example of how to take material an audience is familiar with and ease them into the comic book universe. Read More →

Guardians Of The Galaxy #22


The Guardians of the Galaxy deal with a rampant Venom symbiote wreaking havoc aboard their ship. The team is reeling following the infection of Groot with the symbiote as they try their best to subdue the “Venom Tree God”. Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


Oh September, where have you gone? This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review we take a look at some of the final 3D cover comics for DC’s Future’s End month, a space mystery unfolds in Roche Limit and New Avengers jumps ahead eight months in time. There’s other stuff too, I swear. Read More →

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man


Greetings and salutations once again! I know I’m a little bit behind on some things, like my comic reviews and reading but I’ve been pretty busy between back to back conventions, and switching jobs so there hasn’t been much time to read! However, things are settling down, I’m in a bit of a convention lull between now and FanExpo, but for now, I’ve got the day off and had some … Read More →