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Kaptara (spoiler free) Preview


First, it should be no surprise that this creative team is a home run. Kagan McLeod’s art will most likely be familiar to you from Infinite Kung Fu, and having it applied to a science fiction adventure is pretty rad. I think McLeod’s illustration style really harnesses what is being put forth here, fantastical beasts, lands and characters – all drawn in a way the eye can easily get lost in. Secondly, Chip Zdarsky’s writing shouldn’t need an introduction. You’ve all read Howard the Duck…RIGHT? Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-tor Weekly Review, Howard the Duck kicks off his new solo series, Becky Cloonan launches her creator owned title, Southern Cross, and Spider-Gwen grapples with some of the responsibility that comes with great power. Read More →

Sex Criminals #10


Concluding the second arc of the breakout sex dramedy, Sex Criminals #10 plays with the rules of the world a little bit and sets up some fascinating questions heading into the next arc. Read More →