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The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 9 – Ed Brubaker (Part 1)


Ed Brubaker has seemingly become synonymous with the words “crime-noir” and that’s likely due to the fact that he’s simply one of the best with the genre when it comes to comics. Teaming with frequent collaborator Sean Phillips, Brubaker more often than not leaves a mark with his dark crime stories producing quality work in series like Criminal, Fatale and most recently, The Fade Out. Read More →

Captain America: Prisoner Of War


There’s been a few times when Steve Rogers tossed aside the star-spangled uniform. As a Cap fan, I always find these moments interesting as they tend to deal with some form of internal struggle Rogers is having with himself or his country. Read More →



If you are a fan of crime noirs, exciting mysteries, creepy horror, and/or Ed Brubaker’s writing style, than Fatale is something you should be reading! Read More →