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The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review we take a look at The Worst X-Man Ever, Daredevil teaming up with the old Captain America, and another exciting chapter of “The Darkseid War” in Justice League.

ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: February 8th through February 13th


Another week in the books for shows. A whopper of an episode for last week’s Walking Dead with another cast member being killed off. Also Constantine’s season finale was this week and it left a lot of questions with the final couple of lines of dialogue and I really want to see how it plays out but with a second season still up in the air we may never know. Read More →

ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: January 24th through January 30th


Sunday, January 25th Lost Girl (Episode 8: End of Faes) Bo and crew get invitations to a party apparently from the Ancients.  Bo finds out from Zeus that Hades is using Bo to bring on the apocalypse and rise from Hell.  Trick and Bo have a prophetic vision confirming Zeus’ suspicion.  Mark and Iris cut loose from the party to ‘talk’.  Tamsin and Lauren find out Iris is apparently more … Read More →