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The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at two brand new series from Marvel and Valiant. On the Marvel side we have the launch of the all-new International Iron Man book. From Valiant, we get the return of everyone’s favourite duo of Archer and Armstrong in A&A.   International Iron Man #1 Tony Stark finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he takes … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at two of the biggest comics coming out of DC and Marvel this week. On the DC side of things we take a look at Batman #49, a pivotal chapter in the fan favourite series. From Marvel we take a look at the best Avengers book on the market in All-New, All-Different Avengers. Batman #49 Mister Bloom’s grasp on Gotham … Read More →

The Wal-tor Weekly Review!


Back by unpopular demand, it’s the Wal-Tor Weekly Review.  This week we start the year off right by looking at three Marvel Comics from this week.  We’ve got the team up book that everyone’s been dying for in Spider-Man/Deadpool, an all-new villainous X-Men team in Uncanny X-Men, and perhaps the weirdest comic about a robot you’ll ever get the pleasure of reading in The Vision.

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at the second issues of We Stand On Guard and Civil War, as well as the Justice League: Gods And Monsters Wonder Woman one-shot.   We Stand On Guard #2 Following the discovery of the Canadian free fighter group, the Two-Fours, Amber joins the team as they continue their small resistance against the American forces.  Amber is lead back … Read More →

Avengers Assemble … For a Fun One-Off Story


A couple years ago, Brian Michael Bendis wrote just such a comic. Avengers Assemble (not to be confused with cartoon of the same name) is a blatant and unapologetic effort to draw fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the comics, but that works to its credit. Avengers Assemble is a perfect example of how to take material an audience is familiar with and ease them into the comic book universe. Read More →

New Avengers #26


New Avengers #26 The latest issue of New Avengers finally answers the question that has been looming since the start of the current “Time Runs Out” arc, with that question being “Where the heck is Tony Stark?”.  Not only do we get to check in with the recently dubbed “Superior Iron Man” but we’re also afforded a check in with Dr.Doom as well as a few other major characters that … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor weekly review Iron Man gets an upgrade, Sam Wilson spreads his wings as the new Captain America, and Batgirl continues to be wrapped up in a mystery apparently involving self-sabotage. Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review we take a look at an abundance of the New 52 Future’s End one-shots, an 8 month time jump in Avengers #35 and Doctor Green taking on A-Bomb in Hulk #6. Woo! Read More →