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The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on The Wal-Tor Weekly Review, I knock it down to a quick look at two Marvel comics in Deadpool & The Mercs For Money and Doctor Strange.   Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #1 For Deadpool, it has always been about the money.  It should come as no surprise that money is the motivating factor behind Deadpool hiring a group of fellow money-loving mercenaries for a mission from a secret … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at the second issues of Thors and X-Men ’92, as well as the new Deathstroke annual!   Deathstroke Annual #1 Deathstroke has recently travelled to Paradise Island, taking on a contract from a mysterious benefactor.  The contract?  To kill the God of Mortality, Lapetus, who was trapped in Tartarus on Paradise Island.  Deathstroke accidentally frees Lapetus before he can … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, Starve launches over at Image comics, Constantine: The Hellblazer gets a relaunch, and a fantastic adventure commences on Weirdworld. Three all-new comics for your reading enjoyment! Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week we get the highly anticipated launches of the Darth Vader solo series from Marvel, Jimmie Robinson’s dystopian tale “The Empty”, and another gritty chapter of “Southern Bastards” Read More →

Southern Bastards #6


The origin story of Euless Boss marches on in Southern Bastards #6 and my god is it ever grim. We get a further glimpse at the torment Euless undergoes as he continues to try and become a Runnin’ Reb… Read More →