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DC: Diverse Comics


It’s been claimed that DC is “Batgirling” their books. The term originated from the recent relaunch of Batgirl that saw the character completely overhauled and resulted in a large amount of fan as well as critical acclaim. As such, titles like Grayson and Gotham Midnight have been mentioned in the same breath as that term because they’re relatively new series that take loved characters in bold new directions to diversify the DC publishing line. Today I’m going to look at a few of these new on-going series that I feel as though you should keep your eyes on come June when they launch! Please note that not all of the pictures I use are official art for the series unless otherwise stated. Read More →

1 is the Loneliest Number


I’m sure everyone has noticed that there are quite a few Number 1 issues being released over, say, the last two years.  DC’s NEW 52 and Marvel’s waves of Marvel NOW books and All-New Marvel NOW books are a good example of this.  From what I’ve read on blogs and internet message boards is that everyone hates them.  Even though everyone seems to buy them.  What I’m saying is, and … Read More →

Villains Month: One Week to Go!


Villains Month is coming to a close this week and boy has it ever been a huge event! Every Wednesday this month there has been a line up waiting to get in the door first thing in the morning with anxious shoppers looking to pick up their 3D covers. Despite retailers being short shipped on these must-have comics, sales have been through the roof and we’ve already sold out of quite a … Read More →

Villians Month Important Information


There has been a lot of buzz lately about DC’s latest September event Villains Month, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions thrown our way. So let’s look at what we know about next month’s big event. Instead of the regular publishing schedule of monthly titles, next month only eighteen of the normal fifty-two titles will be shipping, but there will be a number of ‘point’ issues, such as Batman 23.1, Superman … Read More →