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The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at two of the biggest comics coming out of DC and Marvel this week. On the DC side of things we take a look at Batman #49, a pivotal chapter in the fan favourite series. From Marvel we take a look at the best Avengers book on the market in All-New, All-Different Avengers. Batman #49 Mister Bloom’s grasp on Gotham … Read More →

10 Issues In: Batman and Robin Eternal


Hey folks, I realize this is a little late seeing as though issue #13 just came out as of this writing but the holidays have been happening. So without further ado let’s look at the first ten issues of Batman and Robin Eternal…wait! There will be some minor spoilers here not only regarding this series but series that the lead characters feature in as well like Batman, Grayson, and Batman … Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


Freshly returned to her reality following the conclusion of Spider-Verse, Gwen Stacey has to pick up the pieces of her life that have suffered with her unexpected disappearance for weeks on end. To make matters worse for our hooded hero she is labelled as a menace… Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, Batman watches Gotham descend further into madness, a new Uncanny Avengers team assembles on Counter-Earth, and The Dying and The Dead kicks off with a gargantuan-sized issue. Read More →

The Wal-Tor Weekly Review


This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, the All-New Captain America faces off against some classic foes, a weird scarecrow runs around with a big sword in Rumble, and “Endgame” continues as Batman tries to handle a rapidly spreading Joker Toxin. Read More →