This week’s review comes from Wade. Wade works at Big B Niagara. He has an English degree but never seems to use it. Well, here goes nothing…

I read this book for two reasons; my love for Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman) and a curiosity regarding Lex Luthor’s character.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel collects a mini-series written by Brian Azzrello which is a character study of Lex Luthor. Whether it was intentional or not, Luthor comes across as the hero while Superman is portrayed as the villain. The reason I feel this way is the writing style of Azzarello sheds light on the mindset of one Lex Luthor. We see several internal monologues from inside Luthor’s head, which is something we rarely see in modern day comics. Very few writers have the intestinal fortitude to focus on what the “villain” is feeling, yet Azzarello pulls it off admirably. Also, Luthor’s physical presence is drawn to make him look like more of a hero than Superman, who is portrayed as an ominous figure with red eyes. The few panels in which Superman appears consecutively are unbelievably identical. Sometimes the art takes away from a well-written book but in the instance of Azzarello/Bermejo, they nailed it. Therefore, in terms of the writing and art, it is clear that a hero-villain role reversal was intended.

Basically, Luthor does not feel Superman is worthy enough to lead the people of Metropolis into the future. That is what makes this book so great; for once, Lex Luthor is not thinking about what HE wants…only what the people of Metropolis need. Not to give away too much but at one point Luthor is internally begging Metropolis to believe in mankind and not the “alien threat” that is Superman. In past representations of Luthor, he physically confronts with all of his power and resources. That’s not the case in this book. It is a mental confrontation neither man wants to concede. Some readers probably felt empathetic towards Luthor simply because he is powerless against Superman.

If you are a comic book lover who looks for originality in a book than Lex Luthor: Man of Steel is a wise (and very affordable) choice for your collection. Truly a breath of fresh air for Superman fans.

Until next time folks,

Wade Pychel