The DC Universe is outdoing itself yet again. The leading publisher of comic books has declared the month of September “Zero Month.”

Basically every title released in September will be an origin story of the title character, which is pretty groundbreaking. Why is it groundbreaking, you ask? Based on its innovation and originality DC Comics is breaking the mould when it comes to origin stories. They aren’t simply retelling how Batman became a legend, or how Superman landed on Earth as a baby; it is much more than that. Many important surrounding heroes will finally get their chance to break free and take centre stage.

The whole DC Universe will be there: Batman, Superman, Nightwing, Red Hood, Green Lantern, and many others.  This is an opportunity to see your favorite characters like you’ve never seen them and meet some new ones. Make it all happen at the greatest place on Earth, Big B Comics.

Enjoy long days and pleasant nights,