As the summer comes to an end the best part of the year is right around the corner; Halloween. To get into the spirit, I will be reviewing the best horror series going today; Locke and Key, written by Joe Hill.

Firstly, Joe Hill is the son of the legendary Stephen King, so you can understand where he gets it from. Locke and Key follows the Locke family as they move to Lovecraft, Massachusetts after their father is murdered. Following the move the children begin to find mysterious keys around the house which open doors, closets, and even people’s minds. The events that unfold afterwards are something out of a Stephen King novel (no pun intended).

The series has been nominated for “Best Limited Series” in 2009, along with Joe Hill getting the nod for “Best Writer” as well. This is a rare type of comic series because it answers every single question you might have. Nothing is left up in the air. Finally, dedicated comic book readers, we are given closure to a series. Pick it up at any Big B location for only $19.99.

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Wade Pychel