Legion_of_Super_HeroesRemember how DC rebooted their entire line with 52 brand new titles? Well, as it turns out that’s not technically true, because one title’s storyline didn’t miss a beat with the relaunch. That title is Legion of Super-Heroes.

The Legion is a team of young super-heroes responsible for rebuilding their illustrious community after being faced with annihilation. However, like any benevolent team, their enemies are looking to undo everything they have accomplished thus far. In this case, a Daxamite being with the strength of Superman has gone rogue in order to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes. Now they are forced to rise up and battle like they’ve never battled before in order to save their world.

Every issue has been written by honorary Legionnaire, Paul Levitz. He has been writing the team for nearly 30 years. Let me say that again: Paul Levitz has been writing the Legion of Super-Heroes for 30 years.  For people who love the actual writing of comics, this title will scratch your itch. It delivers a lot of old school action and super-hero drama that fans of comics from yesteryear will enjoy.

Legion of Superheroes Volume 1: Hostile World (#1-7) is available at all Big B Locations.