Walt picked up an amazing collection recently and has been working hard getting the stuff ready for con season.

There are thousands of great old books, this is the best stuff we’ve had roll into the shop in a while. The collection is full of quality books in great quantity and that’s what makes this collection special.

Wal-Tor_ReversedThere are key issues everywhere, Silver Age beauties like 1st Silver Surfer, 1st Black Panther, 1st Hawkeye, 1st Black Widow, 1st Vision, 1st this, 1st that and on and on.

Lots of Bronze key books too, way to many to mention, best to come in and look for yourself.

The coolest part of this collection are the hundreds of Kirby monster books. Almost complete runs of Kirby monsters from Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, Strange Tales and Journey into Mystery, throw in some Amazing Adventures and some Amazing Adult Fantasy and you’ve got yourself a Kirby monster jam.

All these comics will be heading out to the Montreal Comic Con, packing them into the truck on Tuesday June 30th.

We want to give all the Big B back issue customers 1st crack at these books. They will be available at the store starting Monday June 22nd and be available until the end of Monday June 29th.

Walt is pricing up a storm and more books will be coming in daily.

This is a great opportunity to fill in those check lists or to make a play at that key that’s been alluding you.

Take note, once off to Montreal many of these won’t be coming back so find some time to come in and peruse this very impressive collection.