Free Comics Care Package!

We can no longer take orders. The response has been overwhelming. We’d like to thank everyone who participated by ordering their comic packs. Deliveries will start on Monday, May 4th and we will try hard to have all packs delivered by Friday, May 8th. Enjoy your comics.

Are your children suffering from the quarantine blues? Are they bored, struggling to find something to do? Are they under the age of 16? If you answer yes to any (or ALL!) of these questions than Big B Comics may have just the solution for you!

Big B Comics is rolling out a great new program to combat their boredom while promoting literacy at the same time! Starting May 4, Big B Comics will be providing Comics Care Packages consisting of 10 or 15 free comics. Available are a kids pack of 10 comics for ages 10 and under and a teens pack of 15 comics for ages 11 and older. Just fill out the form below and we will personally deliver a package of ten comics right to your front door! That’s it! Free Comics, free delivery. No contact, no gimmicks!

PLEASE NOTE – Free Delivery for Hamilton City Limits ONLY. We will deliver outside Hamilton boundaries for a nominal charge of $10. Maximum of one kids pack and/or one teens pack per household, regardless of the number of children in the household (we’ll make sure there aren’t any doubles). Free comics may include titles that are rated Teen+. Parents, please use discretion with comics you allow your children to read. Promotion is only applicable to our Hamilton location. For any further questions or concerns please contact the store at

If you like the idea of providing comics for free to kids and teens and would like to assist, please Donate what you can via the button below.