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Teaching Visual Literacy

Corwin Press
Edited by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher

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Teaching Visual Literacy is a guide to using visual forms of information as tools for literacy development, including comics and graphic novels. Developed by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher of San Diego State University, this book includes background information, research, practical ideas and sample lessons to help engage reluctant readers and boost their critical thinking skills through visual learning.

Soft Cover, 208 pages,  ISBN 978-1412953122

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“The literacy I want my students to possess involves more than simply being able to read and write. Just as vision entails more than seeing, being visually literate means that students can interpret and reflect upon images as well as words. Frey and Fisher’s collection of essays will help you help your students develop the literacy they need for this brave new century.” (Carol Jago, Director, California Reading and Literature Project )

“This book is a cogent reminder that an expansive definition of ‘literary text’ is necessary if we are to reach out to all students in our classrooms. A highly useful resource for teachers who wish to explore using graphic novels as part of their curriculum.” (Doug Buehl, Adolescent Literacy Consultant )