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New This Week: April 29, 2015

Another week, another great selection of comics! Read More → read more


C.O.W.L. : Principles Of Power – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kyle Higgins (Part 2)

It turns out that C.O.W.L. was initially a project Kyle Higgins was working on while going through school to become a … read more


Nightwing: Traps and Trapezes – 2015 Weekly Challenge: Kyle Higgins (Part 1)

He came onto the scene back in 2009 doing some work for Marvel Comics but his career really took off when he started … read more


New This Week: April 22, 2015



Cosplayer Spotlight: Moncton Spidey

In our first edition of Cosplayer Spotlight, we sit down with the Webhead himself, Moncton Spiderman! Read More → read more


Movie Review: Zombieworld

Now I don't know why I grabbed this movie to be honest, I think it just had the word Zombie in it and with the ending of … read more


Movie Review: Batman vs Robin

Batman and the new Robin, his son Damian Wayne, clash over different codes of morality while protecting Gotham from … read more


Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Now I really enjoyed the first installment of Hot Tub Time Machine and I will admit that I didn't look at any of the … read more


Infinite Kung Fu! – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge – BONUS ROUND!

This week we take a break from our regular format to talk about Kagan McLeod and Chip Zdarsky. Both of these gentlemen … read more


Video Game Review: Battlefield Hardlines

Call of Duty has been dominating the FPS genre yet again, so it was time for BattleField to release a new game. However, … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we take a look at the second issue of Convergence, Thor takes on The Destroyer … read more


Comics You Should Know For FCBD 2015

I've come up with five books that you should grab at Big B on May 2nd (AKA Free Comic Book Day 2015). Now these aren't … read more


Howard The Duck – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: BONUS ROUND!

This week we take a break from our regular format to talk about Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod. Both of these gentlemen … read more


Weekly TV Recap (March 21st through March 27th)

There are a couple new shows on the horizon that I may start to throw into the mix and soon enough Game of Thrones will … read more


Kaptara (spoiler free) Preview

First, it should be no surprise that this creative team is a home run. Kagan McLeod's art will most likely be familiar … read more


New This Week: April 15, 2015

Wow...can you believe we're nearly halfway through April?! Remember Free Comic Book Day is May 2nd Read More → read more


Weekly TV Recap (March 28th through April 3rd)

Lots of shows coming back really soon. Gotham returns next week to finish off its first season run. A number of shows … read more


Fire and Stone Review Pt. 1: Aliens

The idea of large franchises and cinematic universes is hardly new. James Bond films have enough continuous elements to … read more


Daredevil: Born Again – 2015 Weekly Challenge: Frank Miller (Part 2)

Back in the late 1970's, Frank Miller was just getting his start with Marvel Comics. He was penciling issues on … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

Take a look at the second issues of both Howard The Duck and Descender. It's a whole new week of awesome comics! Read … read more


Pastaways #1

Past Aways tells the story of 5 time travellers who get stuck in the past, the year 2015 to be exact. Read More → read more


April 2015 Previews: New Series

oday’s post is taking a look at what new series are coming out Read More → read more


Secret Wars Reading Guide

With summertime fast approaching that can only mean one thing, Marvel's latest and greatest blockbuster comic event! … read more


Batman: Year One – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Frank Miller (Part 1)

Frank Miller is perhaps most well known for the work he did with Batman in the series "The Dark Knight Returns", … read more


10 (+2) Issues In: Justice League United

Upon re-reading this run, I realized that it probably had the best written intro issue I've read in a long time. It … read more


New This Week: April 8, 2015

April is in full swing, we're all defrosting and only 2 weeks until Chip and Kagan join us in Hamilton Read More → read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 13 – Grant Morrison (Part 2)

Grant Morrison was charged with revamping the Justice League back in the mid-nineties, transforming the title into the … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

The Wal-Tor weekly review returns from its rather brief hiatus to bring you some reviews on all the hottest comics … read more


New Series Coming in April 2015

We have some great new series coming out this month, some even start today. Best of all we're going to have the … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 13 – Grant Morrison (Part 1)

Several years ago, DC decided to introduce the "All-Star" initiative for their three biggest heroes, Batman, Superman, … read more


New This Week: April 1, 2015

No foolin' these comics are coming out on April 1st! Read More → read more


Movie Review: Run All Night

Let us all be honest. We all know Liam’s time as an action star is ticking away and I figure within the next few years … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 12 – Garth Ennis (Part 2)

My original intent was to actually review the first volume of Garth Ennis's Punisher Max run for today's article but … read more


Weekly TV Recap (March 14th through March 20th)

Of course this weekend was Toronto ComiCon as well so I had to try to jam almost the entire weeks viewing into like two … read more


10 Issues In: Silver Surfer

Issue #1 opens up with Silver Surfer doing some heroic things, saving a solar system and such. He then gets taken to the … read more


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl!

If you don't know who she is, or what she does, the title is pretty self explanatory. My only real exposure to Squirrel … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge – Week 12: Garth Ennis (Part 1)

Garth Ennis is a unique type of writer who constantly manages to find the absolute perfect balance between over top … read more


Cosplay Tutorial: Commissioned Cosplay

A lot of people can't find the time to make their own cosplays, or don't feel comfortable working with a specific kind … read more


New This Week: March 25, 2015

Had a great time at Toronto Comic Con, thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth! Read More → read more