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Harrow County #1

Harrow County follows the small community by the same name, years ago they had a witch in their midst. A witch they shot … read more


Spider-Man 2099 – The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Peter David (Part 2)

Peter David is easily the definitive Spider-Man 2099 writer. He's the man who has done the most work towards not only … read more


Captain Canuck #1

Written and drawn by Kalman Andrasovsky, Captain Canuck emerges into the comic book world with a rebooted and renewed … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review, we've got a whole bunch of different number one issues to look at! Fight Club 2 … read more


Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1

I'm sure most of you have read Secret Wars at least once, maybe some of you have read it 20 times, I'm ashamed to say I … read more


All New X-Factor – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Peter David (Part 1)

Peter David refers to himself as "writer of stuff". He is hands down the most well known X-Factor writer, having … read more


New This Week: May 27, 2015

What a week of comics! Read More → read more


2015 Free Comic Book Day Costume Contest Winner

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for sticking with us while we struggled through some computer … read more


Pretty Deadly – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kelly Sue DeConnick (Part 2)

Kelly Sue DeConnick first teamed with artist Emma Rios on the Marvel limited series Osborn before working together on a … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review we get a triple dose of new series from Marvel Comics! Three new Secret Wars … read more


Captain Marvel: Pursuit Of Flight – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kelly Sue DeConnick (Part 1)

Kelly Sue DeConnick came onto the Captain Marvel book during a transitory period where they shifted Carol Danvers from … read more


New This Week: May 20, 2015

A quick reminder that all three Big B locations are closed today for Victoria Day. We hope everyone is having a fun and … read more


FCBD Costume Contest Round 5

Voting will be open until Thursday night and the winner will be announced on Friday. Read More → read more


Fight Club 2 (#1) Review/Preview

Does the comic hold up to the book? Does Chuck's writing translate well to the medium? Is the art any good? Is the story … read more


Justice League: Cry For Justice – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: James Robinson (Part 2)

A few years before The New 52 initiative launched over at DC, James Robinson sought to tackle the Justice League in a … read more


FCBD Costume Contest Round 4

Voting will remain open until Sunday evening, we will be back Monday morning with the final round. Read More → read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

Marvel's Secret Wars reveals a bit more of what it's trying to accomplish, while both Mythic and Injection launch from … read more


Earth 2: The Gathering – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: James Robinson (Week 1)

Longtime DC writer James Robinson is perhaps best known for his work on the series Starman. I admit that I feel like a … read more


FCBD Costume Contest – Round 3

And we are back with round 3 and our top 10 contestants! Read More → read more


New This Week: May 13, 2015

We are officially into the best time of year to sit outside and read comics in the sun! Read More → read more


A Farewell To The New 52: Silver Linings Edition

Not to say all of The New 52 was good... For every Batman there was a Katana, but now that The New 52 tagline has gone … read more


FCBD Costume Contest – Round 2

And we're back with round 2! You'll have until Sunday night to cast your votes. Monday morning we'll be back with round … read more


East Of West Volume 1 – The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Jonathan Hickman (Part 2)

The pairing originally collaborated on Hickman's Marvel Comics book FF before deciding to work on the series. Together, … read more


Wal-Tor Weekly Review – Secret Wars #1

Events called Incursions, the collision of two Earths from alternate universes, have plagued the primary Marvel Earth … read more


Coming Soon: All New Archie #1

Mark Waid? Fiona Staples! My brain doesn't even know how to process this... Read More → read more


Fantastic Four Volume 1 – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Jonathan Hickman (Part 1)

Jonathan Hickman is seemingly the man who always has a plan. A plan that is so massive in scope it hurts your head to … read more


New This Week: May 6, 2015

Another FCBD has come and gone... Lets sit back and relax with a nice cool drink and enjoys some comics! Read More … read more


FCBD Costume Contest – Round 1

The winners from each round will move onto the the next until we have our winner. The winner gets a $50 Big B Gift Card! … read more


Grown Man Reads Kids Comics: Free Comic Book Day Edition!

To learn more about this wonderful day you can hit up, to learn about some of the titles I'm … read more


Marvels – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kurt Busiek (Part 2)

Kurt Busiek teamed up with Alex Ross to bring a whole new perspective to the comic world through Marvels. Everyone has … read more


Archie vs. Predator

The writing in this first issue is much more Archie than Predator. The Gee-Whiz catchphrases and silly plot devices are … read more


The Walt-Tor Weekly Review

Today's instalment features the oversized Batman #40, the prologue to the next arc in Justice League, "Darkseid War", … read more



With all the positive vibes surrounding the new Netflix Daredevil series it looks like things are finally starting to … read more


Trinity Volume 1 – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kurt Busiek (Part 1)

Kurt Busiek has had a storied career, having defining runs on books like Avengers, Astro City, Marvels, and so many more … read more

Black Ops 3 Reveal!

Does any of this hype work? Well, I can’t help but feel that I’m catching yet another ticket on a Call of Duty hype … read more


New This Week: April 29, 2015

Another week, another great selection of comics! Read More → read more


C.O.W.L. : Principles Of Power – 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Kyle Higgins (Part 2)

It turns out that C.O.W.L. was initially a project Kyle Higgins was working on while going through school to become a … read more


Nightwing: Traps and Trapezes – 2015 Weekly Challenge: Kyle Higgins (Part 1)

He came onto the scene back in 2009 doing some work for Marvel Comics but his career really took off when he started … read more


New This Week: April 22, 2015