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Movie Review: Tusk

Now I have been wanting to watch this movie for some time and I had put it off for a long time until now. I have always … read more


Chip Zdarsky is Coming!

Wednesday March 18th come meet the creative force behind DUCK, Chip Zdarsky!! At Big B Comics in Niagara Falls. Read … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 8 – Joe Hill (ft. Jason Ciaramella) (Part 2)

So I have to admit that I'm cheating a bit on my challenge here. Today is supposed to be a Joe Hill centric post when … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

Freshly returned to her reality following the conclusion of Spider-Verse, Gwen Stacey has to pick up the pieces of her … read more


New Series Coming in March 2015

March is less than a week away and we've got some interesting new series coming with it! Read More → read more


Video Game Review: The Secret World

If your interested in a game that involves fairy tales, horror stories, and conspiracies in a modern day setting… then … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 8 – Joe Hill (Part 1)

Following the sudden murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode relocate to the Keyhouse in Lovecraft, … read more


Notes 4 Newbies – Part VI: The Event

Today, I’m going to focus on “The Event.” A word that’s thrown around quite a bit in the comic book medium but … read more


New This Week: February 25, 2015

Spider-Gwen is here! And Darth Vader is back with issue #2 Read More → read more


5 Reasons why BioShock: Infinite needs to be in your Game Library!

Here is my 5 reasons why this game needs to be in your library: Read More → read more


Better Call Saul! But was it worth the collect call?

He helped with money laundering and at times, attempted to be a moral compass for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. But in … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 7 – Keith Giffen (Part 2)

Remember how I mentioned in the previous article that Giffen was really good at this cosmic stuff? Well did you know … read more


Tucker and Dale vs Evil

I'm going to start off by saying that this movie was a nice, refreshing breeze compared to some of the b-movies that … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

This week on the Wal-Tor Weekly Review we get the start of the new Silk series, the conclusion to Justice League's … read more


Movie Review – The Kingsman: The Secret Service

As the majority of women, drag their significant others to watch a BDSM film this weekend, the Mountain Man and myself … read more


ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: February 8th through February 13th

Another week in the books for shows. A whopper of an episode for last week's Walking Dead with another cast member … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 7 – Keith Giffen (Part 1)

Keith Giffen has proven himself to be a fantastic space/sci-fi writer when it comes to comics. He's most likely well … read more


New This Week: February 18, 2015

We're more than halfway through February, that means it's going to start getting warm...right? Well at least we have a … read more


Big B’s Identity Crisis…Please Help Wal-Tor

Lately though Wal-Tor has been struggling with a bit of an identity crisis. Read More → read more


Video Game Review: Pokemon Alpha Saphire / Omega Ruby

One game that I have been playing for some time now is Pokemon Omega Ruby. This is a remake of the old classic game with … read more


Movie Review: Night Crawler

This film shows the ugly underbelly of what being an ambulance chaser is like, if that makes sense. Banking off of … read more


Grown Man Reads Kids Comics: The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up

Spinning out of the pages of the aforementioned Super Secret Crisis War, The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up promises to … read more


Video Game Review: Escape From Dead Island

So this is a story of Cliff, a neglected rich kid, and 2 of his friends who sail out to Banoi Island to uncover the … read more


A-Force To Be Reckoned With…

Creatively speaking, Marvel has cast the perfect creative team for a project like this. Females in comics have never … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 6 – Jason Aaron (Part 2)

If there is one style of comics that Jason Aaron excels at writing for, it's crime. In recent years, Jason Aaron has … read more


Movie Review: The Equalizer

Has the action movie genre gone on to long with Denzel? Let us be honest here. Denzel has made some pretty epic films … read more


The Wal-Tor Weekly Review

This week we get the highly anticipated launches of the Darth Vader solo series from Marvel, Jimmie Robinson's dystopian … read more


10 Issues In: Nailbiter

Agent Eliot Carroll has supposedly found out the secret as to what ties Buckaroo to the large number of serial killers … read more

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Movie Review: The Shiek

Well this is a movie that has been on my watch list ever since I saw its release last year. Now if you don't follow … read more


Comic Book Love Stories

In the 1960s, Charlton Comics published a number of monthly "True-to-Life Stories of Romance!" including Teen … read more



Today I thought it'd be fun to put on that fan casting hat and try to decide the best three choices for who'd be the … read more


The 2015 Weekly Writer Challenge: Week 6 – Jason Aaron (Part 1)

Jason Aaron is one of the hottest writers in the game today. He has become one of Marvel's heavy hitters penning the … read more


ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: February 1st through February 7th

A little longer to get this recap out. Unfortunately I got hit by a horrible bout of the flu and I was out of … read more


DC: Diverse Comics

It's been claimed that DC is "Batgirling" their books. The term originated from the recent relaunch of Batgirl that saw … read more


Return Of The Living Deadpool #1

Bring on a sequel Marvel said, and here we are with Return of the Living Deadpool. Read More → read more


New This Week: February 11, 2015

Darth Vader is here! And a couple other comics as well :) Read More → read more


Borderlands! The Pre Sequel!

. With the addition of everyone’s favorite annoying robot as a playable character, Borderlands fans will get a kick … read more


Movie Review: Dracula Untold

I love how this movie opened up. You open to a familiar setting this you seen before perhaps? Maybe back in 1992? Read … read more


Mr. Holmes

Sir Ian McKellan plays an older version of everyone's favorite detective (well mine at least, sorry batman) living out … read more